Qualche istoria fiorentina, or Some Florentine story.

Capitolo II.7

24 February 2007.

There’s no life like student life! In reality I have been a bit tired this week, because I have tried to check out as many classes as possible. This means an average of five hours of lectures each day, and since they are not in the same building, I have to zigzag through the city. And even though the professors speak good Italian, I have to invest a lot of mental energy to understand what they say. Fortunately this week is the hardest: once I have selected the classes I am going to take, I don’t have to sit through unnecessary lectures anymore.

Going to study in a foreign country is an educational experience, because you get to meet people from around the world. Talking to people who don’t share your cultural background can really broaden your horizons. It can take a while to develop a rapport because of the culture gap. For example, I have already met people from such strange places as Oulu and Turku! Fortunately they speak a language not unlike the one we speak in Helsinki, so I get along with them extremely well.

Yeah, I have met people from Finland. A Finnish guy lives in the same apartment as me. My other roommates are two Belgian guys, a Czech girl and a French girl. On a lecture on political philosophy I met one Finnish girl, and on my language course another one. Fortunately I have already made an Italian friend as well, so there is hope we don’t end up with a Finnish clique.


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