Qualche istoria fiorentina, or Some Florentine story.

Capitolo II.4

13 February 2007.

Once again I found myself standing in a line at a government office with a lot of other foreigners. This time I was not at the police station, and I did not have to queue for three hours but thirty minutes. Yes, I went to the Uffizi. There were a lot of pictures, like the one of the naked, long-haired girl, and the one of the creepy lady with snakes for hair. I liked them.

I have not studied art except for music, and so I cannot understand everything that’s going on in a masterful Renaissance artwork. For example, I cannot see right away why a Botticelli is superior to some other works in the museum. But for one reason or another it has been a more powerful experience for me to see sculptures than paintings. Maybe it has something to do with the three-dimensionality or tangibility. Or maybe it is just that the museums with the best sculptures are less crowded than the museums with the best paintings, so it is easier to concentrate on each particular work.

My landlady let me know that I can move to the other apartment already this Friday. I will have a bigger room there (about three times as big in fact), and hopefully a window that lets in some light as well. Another good thing is that I don’t have to move on the day my classes begin. Joy!

After I move, I will finally have some continuity, which will help me establish some routines. So far I haven’t really thought further than the next day. However I have already developed a habit of cooking good food for myself. At home in Helsinki I never really got into cooking, in part because all the ingredients were so expensive, some of them were not very good and the selection was limited. Here I can experiment with all kinds of different vegetables because they cost next to nothing, and something like a simple spaghetti with a creamy gorgonzola sauce costs me perhaps a third to make compared to what it would cost in Helsinki. (Although there is an additional social cost: cooking with gorgonzola piccante drives everyone else away from the kitchen.) And since we’re on the topic of cheese, I have to say I have never eaten this much Italian cheese in my life.

Am I gaining weight? Of course not. And the food I eat is quite healthy, in spite of the amount of pasta and cheese. I eat lots of vegetables and I make everything from scratch with fresh ingredients. But I also walk a lot during the day, which means that I have to eat a lot too. However, I do need to restart my exercise routine after I move to the next apartment. There I will have a room big enough for pushups. Did I already mention that my current room is small?


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