Qualche istoria fiorentina, or Some Florentine story.

Capitolo II.2

5 February 2007.

Although I refuse to accept it as a fact yet, it’s beginning to seem as if the university provides no good way to access the Internet. There is no mention of any computer lab at the university website. One thing that looked promising was a listing of wireless Internet hotspots in different university buildings, but there was nothing on the list of available networks when I went to test a few of them with my machine. However, the listing was from 2005, which I guess might mean that they have changed everything by now or that they have decided that this wireless Internet thing is a pointless fad anyway.

This, in a word, sucks. But I haven’t given up hope yet. And if it really turns out to be impossible to connect to the net through the university, I need to find some cheap long-term deal at a net cafĂ©. Oh well.

If we forget the net connection issue, everything else is good. I am starting to feel like home. It is warm here. I don’t know exactly how warm, but when I go to a large piazza in the middle of the day and stand in the sunshine, it feels almost like summer to me. The nights are colder though.

The food has been pretty good so far too, even if I haven’t really known where to look for it. The travel guides that I got for inspiration have not been very useful. Fortunately some of the restaurants they recommend really are good and reasonably priced, and particularly in certain areas of the city you don’t need a guide to find good food. And when you don’t want to pay restaurant prices, the supermarket is almost a paradise, if you like fresh vegetables and fruit, wine, and cheese like I do.


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