Qualche istoria fiorentina, or Some Florentine story.

Capitolo V.1

1 May 2007.

I went to Siena, where the main thing to see is the city itself. It looks like a movie set. Although I think it’s evolved quite naturally without a lot of centralized planning, it really looks like someone went about designing a perfect city for a romantic drama, from the appearance of the buildings to the steep climbs. Initially it was difficult for me to appreciate the city because of the tourist masses, but after I went for a bit of exploration I noticed that there were tourists only in the most famous spots like Piazza del Campo.

Siena scenery.

I did not get to see all that much in the city, but instead I had a look around. This was partly my intention (as I plan to go there again), and partly because it started to rain. But what I saw I liked. Unlike the Duomo of Florence, the Duomo in Siena is glorious from the inside as well.

The Duomo in Siena.

That’s the first image of me in the blog I think. On the columns you can see the black and white texture that can be found all around the city (and on the shirts of the football team) in many forms, usually checkers or stripes. Another thing that you can find everywhere in the city is the figure of Romulus, Remus and the wolf—the legend has it that the city was founded by the son of Remus.


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