Qualche istoria fiorentina, or Some Florentine story.

Capitolo IV.2

6 April 2007.

The weather is improving, but is very unstable. In the morning it may look like it’s going to be a cloudy, chilly day. Then, in the afternoon, the sun comes out and it’s suddenly summer. But it’s wise not to leave your jacket and umbrella at home because after an hour it’s raining like never before. Anyway, it does seem that the cold days are over for now and we can start preparing for the summer.

Summer means ice cream of course, and there is plenty. Probably not all of it is good, but most of what I have had has been excellent. I am reasonably sure that I have already discovered the best gelaterie in the city. The first thing about Italian ice cream is that it’s just better in general. It doesn’t matter which flavor you choose, everything tastes better than Finnish ice cream anyway. I am trying to understand why, but so far I have no explanation. The second important thing is the variety of flavors; I am pretty sure that some of the flavors they have here are in violation of EU regulations for ice cream. Even if you are already familiar with chili & chocolate ice cream, perhaps you never tried some of ricotta cheese and figs?

Lately I haven’t been doing a lot apart from enjoying the sun at the city and planning ahead. There are many things I have been wanting to do that I will get to do soon. They have finally opened the football stadium for everyone instead of just for season ticket owners. And I feel like I am finally getting the hang of what is happening in Florence in general: the next few weeks ought to be interesting and quite busy too. The new philosophy classes begin and in addition there are all sorts of events I’m planning to check out, from poetry readings to rock concerts and to exhibitions of pre-surrealist art.


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