Qualche istoria fiorentina, or Some Florentine story.

Capitolo III.2

12 March 2007.

The Italians love football, and one of the items on my list of things to do here is to go to a Serie A match. But the local team Fiorentina has not made things easy for me or themselves. A few years ago they went bankrupt, and had to climb back to Serie A from the lower divisions. In the end of the last season they were on the brink of relegation. And after the Calciopoli scandal in Italian football they were to be relegated, but were ultimately allowed to stay in Serie A. They had to begin the season with -15 points, but at least I was going to see them play at the highest level of Italian football.

Sometimes the Italians are literally crazy about the game. About a week after I arrived in Florence, a policeman died in some type of riot sparked by a match. This did not happen in Florence, but as a repercussion no spectators are allowed to enter the stadium here because of the inadequate security measures. I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the matter lately, but I am still not sure I am going to see a match. Well, I can watch Champions League football with Italian teams on TV…

The Arno and the Old Bridge from the window of the Uffizi.

Despite the grey photo, this winter has been the warmest in Italy in the last two hundred years, or in other words there was no winter in Italy this winter. One day it was so warm already that some Florentines went to the beach near the city. I really could get used to this climate, if you can believe me.

Lately I feel more optimistic about the language course I am taking. I feel that learning (or actually relearning) grammar does help me speak better Italian, and I have been trying to use what I have learned in everyday life. Right now it seems that I can deal with most situations pretty well and have a sustained conversation about most topics.


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