Qualche istoria fiorentina, or Some Florentine story.

Capitolo II.8

28 February 2007.

It has been a month, a good month. A bit of tourism, a bit of studying, and quite a bit of enjoyment overall.

I have decided to concentrate on my Italian course and a couple of other courses. Even though I am probably expected to take more courses, with a lighter load I am able to do better work and actually learn something too. Because I don’t need to use the credits I get, I am more interested in learning than earning a lot of credits.

I think the classes on philosophy and literature probably help my Italian more than the actual language course. The language teacher may be able to teach me some grammar, but grammar is easy to study on your own too. When I go to a literature class I learn new words and get a sense of the flow of the language. But my language teacher Lucia is lovely. Sometimes she acts so Italian I think she’s deliberately exaggerating, but I really cannot be sure. “ALLLORA…”

I have found the first wine worthy of mention: the Poggio ai Ginepri 2005, a red wine from Bolgheri. The winemaker apparently doesn’t use any traditional Tuscan grapes for it, but only French ones (particularly and obviously Cabernet). But at this price it is difficult to find anything from Bordeaux that’s better than this wine. And I am confident I will eventually find a favorite Sangiovese-based wine too.

Via dell'Inferno.

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate—abandon all hope, you who enter here.

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