Qualche istoria fiorentina, or Some Florentine story.

Capitolo I.1

27 January 2007.

It has been exciting for the last few days, and every night when I to bed I am thoroughly exhausted. But I am finally in Florence, and I am happy.

The day I spent in Rome was efficient. There were a few important things I did not get to see on my first visit there, and now I got to see them all. The Vatican museums were the first thing on my list. After that I just wandered through the city, and for someone who gets lost without trying very hard I managed to find my way around Rome pretty well without really even using a map. The Pantheon was still nice and still full of clueless tourists like myself. I remembered I had tried unsuccessfully to find the Tazza d’Oro cafĂ© near the Pantheon when I last visited Rome, but what was lost is found and it is good. Perhaps the best and one of the cheapest cups of espresso I have had. Next in line was Giolitti, also something I had missed (and might have missed again without a reminder by a friend of mine, thanks!). Their champagne ice cream made me so happy I am not sure if they don’t inject alcohol in it.

After my stroll I ended up at the Colosseum and decided to go back to rest at the hotel before dinner. The dinner itself was okay, nothing special but at this point I was too tired to appreciate gourmet cooking anyway. After that, back to get some sleep before getting on the train to Florence the next day.

I remain an admirer of the general level of female beauty in this country. Fortunately I have found a spiritual guide to help me stay on the path of virtue, and I have trusted him the keys to my heart.

The papal keychain.


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